Design and Installation of Antennae, Repeaters, Couplers, Power Splitters

Since their operationin early 1980's, we have been supplying hundreds of outdoor Omni and panel antennae; and hundreds of kilometers of transmission cables to Celcom.

To enhance their signal coverage along highways and rural areas, we supplied them with off-air repeaters and high-powered frequency-translated repeaters for their ETAC system. We also provided them with high-powered GSM Channelized Repeaters as well as GSM off-air repeaters.

The scope of work involved:

Currently, we are proposing for them to use a Hybrid Fiver/Coaxial (HFC) System for all the major buildings in Malaysia, including the KLIA airport and KLCC buildings.

To date, we have supplied more than 40 million RM worth of equipment to Celcom.