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Omni Tronics was formed in June 1982 as a consulting firm, specializing in optical fiber connectorstelecommunication systems for the private industry and government. In 1984, operations were expanded to include the design, installation, sales and marketing of two-way land mobile radios and accessories. In 1990, due to the increasing popularity of cellular mobile phone and paging services in the Asean region, the company further expanded its services and products to rise up to this new challenge. In 1992, a new division was created to market optical-fiber products and systems to the telecommunication industries.

cell repeaterToday, Omni Tronics is a well-established company providing its customers with a comprehensive range of telecommunications products and services. Our key personnel are our partners and directors. Each has his/her own strengths in specific areas of engineering and has more than 20 years each of extensive experience in RF/Optical Fiber installations in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

underground tunnelsThe telecommunications market, particularly wireless communications, continues to grow tremendously. With the ever-increasing rise in subscribership, customer demand undoubtedly will spiral. Cellular, paging and trunking operators will need to extend themselves further in order to compete effectively, and to provide new and higher quality services to their clients. Providing uninterrupted coverage in buildings, underground facilities and congested areas remains one of the most significant challenges facing most network operators. Customers today demand wireless communications coverage everywhere - in and out of buildings, above and under ground. The success of network operators will depend on the implementation of an efficient outdoor and in-building system. This will remain crucial in the years to come.

cable layingOmni Tronics continues to design and install reliable and cost-effective systems that employ leading-edge technologies and techniques. Technical support services remain an integral component of our operations. Our success so far is largely due to our ability to design highly-customized systems according to the individual needs of our clients. We remain committed in "Creating Systems that Communicate ... Quality."

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